Rental Property Management

Software Application for rental property management

Rental property management software enables users to perform a large number of important tasks to help all operations run smoothly for a given property. These tasks include, but are not limited to, managing and tracking tenant information, handling all accounting and billing needs, posting property vacancies online, and handling requests for maintenance.
Rental property management software simplifies these tasks by automating regular activities like monthly rental payments, as well as monitoring income and expenses so you can check the financial state of your business.
Rental property management software manages one or more of the undermentioned five general functions.
Applications and tenant information
Tenant portals enable online rent payment, submissions or requests for maintenance, and community forums for events or public notices.
Resident screening enables you to evaluate the rental applicant’s credit history, criminal records, rent history, and income by performing these checks using your software.
Store vital tenant information like resident contact information, late fee reminders, etc.
Rent roll and payments
Online rent payments eliminate the inconvenience of issuing paper checks and going to the bank.
Utility metering calculates and bills the tenant for consumption of metered utilities such as water and electricity, so you don’t have to do it manually.
Vacancy Management
? Automated vacancy postings enable new properties to be listed faster, reducing the time it takes to rent out vacant properties.
? Automatic notifications remind you of upcoming lease expirations.
1. Maintenance record keeping
? Maintenance request alerts make sure that all maintenance requests are dealt with promptly.
? The ability to prioritize issues, work assignments, request, etc. helps increase efficiency.
2. Financial accounting and reporting
? General ledger, income statements, balance sheets, accounts payable and accounts receivable helps you monitor your income, expenses, and financial condition.
? Tracking budgets against actual figures allows you to view current income and expenses and predict future cash flow.
Examples of leading rental property management software currently in the market: Buildium, appfolio, Total Management, Maintenance Connection, Property Manager, Propertyware, RenTec, Webrezpro, Property Boulevard, comvibe, infor, MRI software, infor, RoomKey, Skyware, Resort Data Processing
Rental proper managers, landlords, and people engaged in the real estate business stand to benefit the most from the use of this software. The use of rental property management software is recommended because it makes the user more efficient, organized, and productive.

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