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Managing a Rental Property is Quite a Time Consuming A Job

Owning rental property seems like an easy way to generate extra income. But it's actually not all that easy. Rental Property management is about giving your potential customer an assurance about the Property you are offering.
Owning a property means a lot of responsibility except if you live near your property, but still a very time consuming work. You have a lot of factors that need to be considered before going into this business. Like considering the investment or the money you will spend not just about the money you spend in buying the house and lot. For some instances you need to consider the renovation of the house of course, as a customer materials used is also one of the things they consider. Factors that also need to be considered are the Location, the neighborhood, the accessibility of the customer to their needs such as hospitals, market and transportation to reach their desired destination.
Managing a Rental Property is quite stressful. Before anything else, they need to find out the state’s legal requirement, submit everything to be registered and get licensed and so on.
and once everything is settled, one should do inspection on the properties construction additional to this on inspecting rental properties, you have to write a report about the house and try to make the information organize. This process really take effort and hard-shift.
Personally speaking, we are renting an apartment for almost a year and planning to have our own maybe in 2 years time. As I experienced, here in the Philippines transportation accessibility is one of the factor people really consider plus the access to our needs such as hospital, commercials, and market. Since here in the Philippines, a year is not complete without a heavy storm.
Nowadays, people also consider the location and the issues of the house like is this a flooded city? Unfortunately, We belong to one of the most flooded city, every time country experience not just a storm but even a non-stop rain it causes flood. Houses are not really reached by the flood but the way out of the city is. Good thing is the Landlord, have a maintenance in cases like this, they provide the needs of each tenants. Or sometimes refund all the money spent for materials used in the house.
Rental property management is a stressful work, considering not only the factors for the benefit of the owner but also for the customer. This involves house maintenance, problem, issues, and possible solution for different cases that might happen to the house for the entire rental. Collection of payment is also involved, being the instrument to connect the issues facing by the tenants to the landlord and vice-versa. It’s all up to you.

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